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Thursday, September 01, 2005



I'm sure you'd agree ! I'm not going to go on and on belaboring an old point but I can safely say that unless you look all this up on your own you'll not be exposed to any of it - the name of ONE book to help you along is 'Mark Twain on the Damned Human Race' by Janet Smith/Michael Geismar : that was the book I was reading with my coffee as the Russians previously mentioned came in and then left - all fittingly a'propos of time and place (for there's a wonderful introduction too in this book which (1962) covers the old 'Cold War' and the Soviet attitude and publicity towards Mark Twain and his American censorship because of these matters) and the entire consenseus - looked at in the long view - is that societal attitudes are shaped by the formed reactions or lacks of reactions and directions by the reigning staus-quo the 'leaders' at the top who distill and formulate the points of view and overall societal intellect they seek - Illumanti versions of self-preservation - and in this case (to be sure) they had and have done their work (or as the book says) - they have managed to delete from public reference any and all of Mark Twain's 'dark' side and instead have him publically portrayed as the great artist portraying all the innocent illusions of an American boyhood : nothing could be farther from the truth yet that is what we have been presented with - NO MATTER the lion's share of falsehood goes in wishing for the truth to be faced.


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