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Friday, April 06, 2007



Tacoma Zimbabwe Washington New York and Hartford and Cleveland too are places where deciduous trees have visited and stayed - well maybe not Zimbabwe but then who cares - and every step of the way there's some damned report to fill out or some interviewer's log-sheet to be written and it's all like a forlorn census year again the kind when retirees are hired by the government for two hundred simple dollars to go around and knock on people's doors and find out who lives where and really and how but people are scared and some run away or won't answer the door for fear of being found out - fifteen illegals living in the basement or two extra kinsmen bunking together in the attic while they work two jobs each without papers in local restaurants or something and that sort of thing to be sure scares people turns them white and makes them suddenly mute but the numbers whatever they be have to get recorded and if nothing else then they just make things up : I know because I've seen it : and certain census takers are wily enough to just sit at home and fill out interview sheets and forge names and signatures and numbers just to turn something in and get their payment - and by such false work are we delineated numbered counted and paged and by that too our taxes are decided and tax-districts outlined and whatever else may be said it's fair to say it's all crap and falsified logic to the nth degree just to enforce some graduated form of income-tax slavery and instead of anything why not just make up something and run with it ? OK by me I say.


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