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Saturday, September 01, 2007


168. NO GETTING OUT OF THIS HOTEL (nyc, 1967):

"If you come in here you come in here for action and it's that simple" so just like the Simple Simon Pieman that I was I entered the fray - up five stairs and to the left another fifteen or so up and then a long narrow passageway with door after door in one long corridor which actually did then pass over into another building although you didn't know that by walking and the adjoinng buildings had long ago been joined somehow in a co-habitation of old space as something the owner(s) could do to double-up the income since much of the time most all of the rooms were filled or busy or occupied as the case may be and the lights along the way were weak and dim and the doorways all seemed pretty solid - crime cover-up intrique murder drugs whatever all and any of that could be easily done by the simple stealth of the place and NO words were spoken we just walked and then the guy with me turned to me and said "how long you know Tony Main?" and I said "about a year or so but probably not long enough or maybe too long - I'll have to let you know" (my stab at humor) and the guy turned and said "look kid I don't care about your life story - he just said a 'friend' would be stopping by and I didn't expect you" and figuring the less said the better right then I clammed up as it was I kind of was wishing I was there for the skin business which I'd liked to have partaken as here and there a few very lovely employees of this staid boarding house were apparently about to be boarded and I liked the freight cars that I saw but that was not to be on this jaunt for I was there simply to pick up some material (a valise and a bag) and my instructions were to look like a traveler a student or something on the go with a bag or two and not give myself away with any smirks or looks just try to be cool and stay mostly invisible and I did - he handed me the stuff in a room marked 24A and as we sat down next to each other he said (while handing me an envelope) : 'give this to Tony too and he doesn't know it's coming just tell him it's a little bonus - some loose cash I found lying around that needs a home and I counted it too so don't try no shit" and I looked at him and said "no shit ? you're the one with the shit - how do I know what you counted is what you told him or what you're gonna' tell him was there - it's simple entrapment that's what it fucking is and no matter what I do you can say I stole" and he smiled and said "smart thinking kid now get lost I ain't gonna' do no such thing" and he handed me a ten for my troubles and said "here's your fare - come back some time and I'll give you an appetizer too" and I said "thanks" and walked out after him - another doorway and apparently another exit and I was out on the street behind what seemed to be a restaurant backdoor and some alley with a few alley doors and a couple of cars parked and a gaslight or two too and the whole scene looked pretty nice to me - cobblestones nice windows and stuff - and I paid little mind to much else while I just took in the scenery - only later did it dawn on me I should have checked the cars to see what was in them - occupants I mean cops and stuff - but nothing came of it and if there was surveillance I saw none of it and just calmly walked on - liking the night and liking the situation and I turned out onto the main walkway which was well-lit and busy and there were a few stores and things and I saw I'd exited out towards 86th Street over by Broadway where I was in a block or two and nothing came of it I easily made it back over by the park to where Tony was going to meet me and he did and we went upstairs with some small talk as I dropped the bags on his couch and he just left them there - all unsaid - and I handed him the envelope and said "this came along too I haven't touched it I swear" and he said "it's OK kid - that jerk always does something like this and whatever it is that's exactly what I'll tell him no matter what so don't worry there" and I asked "what was he trying to do test me or something?" and Tony said "I don't know and I gave up trying a long time ago - let me tell you something about Frank - he's OK as far as it goes but he's always up to something and you can't trust him unless you do exactly what he's asking - which is what you did - so even if it was a test you passed it and there's nothing to worry about - he's been at it a long time and he's just probably wary of a new face or someone he's not seen before - there's a lot a stake in the shit he's doing and it probably pays him to be extra careful and known as a creep too and remember I met him in jail so we share some of the same traits see" and I nodded and then he took the bags I'd brought and opened them and I saw what I figured it was all along - bags of dope pot white powders and pills and everything was clipped and bagged and separated and I quickly wondered about what value I'd just transported and what danger I'd been in but I figured shit on that it was too late now I'd already done the walk and was probably the newest face in town too but I got my sixty bucks from Tony plus the ten from that Frank guy which I didn't mention and I figured it was a pretty good haul for a night's work so I was happy enough so I just got up and said "Tony I'm going and if you want me back tomorrow or whenever just let me know" and he said "give a few days but probably like Saturday would be fine - about noon if you can" and I said 'OK see you then".


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