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Monday, November 05, 2007

I heard this comment by one Jurgen Moltmann - an 80 year old theologian from Germany - who was addressing someone who had evidently just asked him something about the 'end of the world' or the coming 'rapture' or whatever (they were exiting a Christian seminar on these matters) : 'I dismiss the current anxieties about environmental apocalypse you see - one should not speak about the end of the world if what one means is the end of our culture - even after the dinosaurs were extinguished life on earth went on - if you are mankind-centered it's a catastrophe but if you are life-centered it is to be seen that as one life ends another life begins - so you see it really is not a question of the end of 'life' merely of this beleaguered plague of our human civilization do you understand that?' and I started thinking to myself too that this kind of end-of-the-world talk seems to always come from disadvantaged people - both socially and culturally - people who have nothing to lose really or very little and who seem somehow to think that that fact allows them to view the end-of-things somehow as a possible gain or reclamation to themselves of what they have missed the first time around - very confusing thought - but also that psychologically they merely use this approach as their means of envy or of getting back at those who already "have' or have achieved the station and presence and possession and place they may have always wanted but never achieved and it's rather strange that whole thing especially as how it all comes together usually in opposition to what these folk should be thinking or claim to be thinking - to wit grace and humility and love and outwardness - while actually what is all seething within them is spite and revenge and envy again : a very odd chain of events and a very oddly-rooted basis for what is cavalierly known to us as 'religious' tenets and Revelation be damned.
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