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Thursday, February 14, 2008



Old hands hold secrets and the moon is another planet and I once knew some new-age creepy girl from western Pennsylvania who thought she had the world but all it was was her own most-lame magic and a not very insightful fantasy of mind-playing-games and interpretive fluff based on immense self-absorption but whatever with that she played a bar-bass riff with faux wisdom and taste so I let it be and I walked away not the worse for wear and over that for sure ('seems like there's some girls you just gotta' have you can hear the tune of their panties for sure and others you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole' Ricky Shendowa said that to me one afternoon at Patrick's another place where the fishmongers ate and we were just watching the girls going by from the window with a beer in each of our hands) and I even forgot her name before it was over but some poster on the back-end wall reminded me of what I'd missed (they were playing the following night for the minions of bar-mooching fans - not listeners just fans) but I really hated that kind of music so made sure not to go yet the faint memory lingered of something I may have missed and then I realized if it was ahead of me - the music date - and hadn't happened yet then how could I have missed it and how could a 'memory' of something be in my mind - something that hadn't yet happened - but that's the way this life goes with the mind playing tricks and us all re-interpreting by degree whatever we want and by that defining our own lives and reality in any way we choose to do so : it's like that over and over so that if you dig down really really deep (deep enough to get to the essence of everything) you see that nothing really exists at all and life itself is a fragmented illusion and no material splendor has any basis in reality and it's all in what we imagine so I walked around and around for days after that point CERTAIN that nothing existed and all life was an illusion running slowly through time (which itself didn't exist).


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