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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


279. I LET IT BE - ('we must reinterpret the world'):

In all of creation (he says) 'has not a square always been a square and a cube a cube?' and of course that is not the question at all but I listen nonetheless and find myself fearsomely fixated (the more and more) about the one hundred names of dread wherein I dwell and I watch from afar in silence as the squaring crowd regulates itself and the strange rhythm of society takes its place over the meshed coil of the matter and the swordsman holding high his sword remains in place as we count the rings on the tree-stump he's just cut - realizing how incorrect they really can be - reaching forty-five before stopping to talk (about what it was when the tree must have been planted and how young forty-five really is) and we differentiate from the rings the good years from the bad years and the rich years from the poor and the wet from the dry COMMENSURATE with some experience of something - and now walking by in two's and three's are people themselves - ringed by circumstance and want in the same way as the trees around us are (we befuddle every step while walking deep in the black dense woods ascertaining but in no way certain where it is we really are and to where it is that we are going) and as it all seems the same to me no matter what anyway I decide that none of it matters and I step back and I LET IT BE and leave it all at the windowsill of chance and the makers of science (those willing to look at the stars) and anyone else like that who lingers and professes to believe BUT I KNOW BETTER 'the natural world's a lie and appearances are never what they seem and sometimes they're less and old iron crumbles like rust and the railroads break down and the bridges crumble and the roadways and tracks shudder and die along the meadows and swamps and everywhere a presumed army of things disappear and WE MUST REINTERPRET THE WORLD at every single other step.'


At 7:40 AM, Blogger sunflowerdc said...

I like this post Gary. It is a acceptance that we are not in control. That does not mean throw caution to the wind and be irresponsible to one's true nature, but to live in the here and now. There isn't any other time. I find the challenge of living in the present moment difficult. It is what I am working on.


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