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Sunday, August 08, 2010



[There was by this time a conclusion made as to the reason and place from which these actions had been taken and the ideological fervor with which they were implemented and various scientific papers and political statements were introduced to the public at large in order to defend the necessary actions and security moves which had to be taken and airports were locked down ports shut building security was made extremely tight vehicles of every sort were stopped and searched at all bridges tunnels and other crossings – this to the great consternation of truckers and shippers everywhere not to mention the huge business underway having to do with travel and import and export and transportation and movement - and in turn other cities implemented by national standards their own measures and people of various profiles were marked for signification and it came to pass that in that time Herod….no just kidding…] months later I recall passing a window still pasted with memorials to the dead and missing and yet it wasn’t just the random haphazard memorials but there were varied organized sites along the way Grand Central and Penn Station for instance each featured kiddie walls or so they seemed where school children in their mock-sham version of art with broad brush school colors and disturbing looking watercolors were set free to let their feelings out with scrawled messages of remembrance and praise and thank you’s to fallen heroes and all that and the bleakly garish and distorted drawings of weepy people fallen buildings crashed planes fiery buildings office workers in flames bent planes lit up flying through the air towards two strange rectangular buildings with people jumping from them and licks of flame running through streets and flower portraits of firemen in flames and wrecked streets and cars and messages to the missing and in one place the Daily News page itself pasted in place with a message of dismay ‘WTC Widow Commits Suicide’ and the little caption stating ‘neighbors said she was deeply troubled and not herself since Sept. 11’ and these broadsheets seemed everywhere to be not worth the effort the vague palliative of energy raising its head from ruin and I asked Kausch what he thought of all that and he said “you know it was Richard Nixon in ’72 who stated that the American people were like children in that you can’t always tell them the truth or the whole story you have to make them accept the lie or the half truth because they don’t know any better and haven’t got the resources to be filled in on and made to grasp or understand what’s really going on and just like children too if you tell them you’re going to do something you’d better well do it for if you don’t they’ll never forget and they’ll simply keep asking for it over and over and all of that message as I see it has a lot to do with what’s going on here you see these idiotic people have to be given their free rein to express their stupid emotions because it’s the only catharsis they’ll get and all the while the authorities will undertake whatever they choose they must do to rid the problem of its essential qualities and whether that means more pure and brutal destruction of the next guy more bombing more slaughter it will be undertaken with reams of our own just-as-stupid-as-kids young men ready and willing to fight and die because they’ve got nothing better in their heads to take their time or thought – there being no education left in this damned nation nothing but a cess-pool of good-feelings and sentiments and entertainment drivel and we’ve reached the point where our values and meanings are made into plot and drama into little weekly crap for people to laugh at – so why do they feature approved kiddie walls for grieving why ? have you ever thought of that ? because it’s harmless and by making childish sentiment out of it they can push it all out of the way and go about their more nasty work – but for me I’ll never sleep another night knowing I’m about to go to sleep without having done my work for that day without knowing that I’ve used my efforts to change and to countenance change through creativity for just like these perpetrators of destruction I too am committed to re-forming and destroying the brute source wild blindness that plagues this land and yes if it takes a gun to do it I can well understand that too for blindness has no eye like blindness and vision alone can surpass what cannot be seen and if this is the formative moment of my old life I’ll accept it and I’ll accept just as the fat beefy man at the bar accepts the sports game on above his head on the TV screen sitting there slobbering drinking yet another Southern Comfort and soda water and he just sits there one after the other and like him I can accept my reality so vast so different so artistic compared to this fat and bleak existence and around me swirls the land of a nation gone bad now burning yet THESE WERE MY STREETS TOO they burned” and you know what you know what I said I said “yeah Kausch I understand and I probably do agree with you there.”


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