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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


('Goodbye to All That!'):

Right now there is a man at the door and he is holding a bomb and he claims to be reading the Scriptures of time regarding the what and where of things but as I gaze at his face I can’t really see much because of the bright light behind him the scalding flash of something going off a brilliant light seemingly made of letters and fragments falling down around him and for those few moments even I am thunderstruck and speechless but then into the room from another doorway comes the ranting professor Seymond Screach from Balthazar University who has been writing a profile of Armegeddon for his ‘publish or perish’ course at the New School underwritten by a grant from the Forbes Foundation and Little Brown Scalding Brothers Publishing Company and both of his hands are on the keyboard while wires in his face explode and in his new-fangled hyper-text high-speed bombast he is declaiming "there is no place like this for it has never existed and in all the annals of mankind and his fixtures there is no mention of bathroom or kitchen and in either case the designs are not God-given and therefore the procedures established through the ages show us clearly that there has been a mis-direction of energy since the first time an anvil was erected in Trafalgar Square and the short men of Delft who invented both tiles and pipe-smoking were most probably inspired not by God or the Lord and Savior but by Satan Himself under the guise of Freedom and the exercise of an unfettered press which has now resulted in angled incorrectly and wrongly proffered news and non-news being mixed so that into each household flows rubbish and out of same exits same!" and of course my only complaint to him is ‘if this is what you believe then sir why is it you are here?" but he scoffs at my question because it is not properly introduced and therefore moves simply along to the next which is the ‘difference in concept between light and dark’ but I see no one is listening as the room has now just opened up into an amphitheater with a long table at bottom center to which everyone’s eyes are affixed as two autopsies underway rivet their attention the first being a beautiful young girl being ripped asunder and opened by knives to show the path of enlightenment through the body and its innards and the strong emanations from her form sound too like words but no one can understand them and next to her upon the table is the figure of a prominent man whose nose and eyelids have been cut off and are being magnified onto a huge overhead projection to show the impossibility of wisdom in such a format but since they are both dead they are inattentive themselves to what is being said so what’s the use and everyone else is padding around the room now touching each other searching for love light or lust by the orders of the headmaster who has now called ‘TIME’ and entered a plea for sabbatical and thus the long vacation begins but no one leaves and I look up as the light is setting and what appeared to be the brilliance of the sun is merely an operating theater light reflected in chromium and glass and somewhat like a mistaken theory I am in concept terribly deflated but ask for nothing more and thus begins : ‘Ego-clinging is simply a thought and clinging to the notion of self is a thought and clinging to the notion of thought is also a thought and clinging to duality is a thought and the concept of good is a thought as is the concept of evil a thought and a neutral concept is also a thought and whenever there is thought it follows that there is a clinging’ and confused only a tiny bit by the concept of matter I have now seemingly plodded into this new morass ‘the attitude of clinging follows the tracks of the three poisons - Passion Aggression and Ignorance - and since the formation of thought involves the three poisons that means that thinking causes samsara the endless suffering of cyclic existence and whenever there is involvement in thought our experience will be samsaric for ‘deluded thinking’ is the root of samsara’ and with that I decided to leave whatever place this was becoming and goad myself instead - egoless empty and without disturbing emotions - into some other place in the practice of thought-free wakefulness so I said ‘goodbye’ to all that and left through the back door of the dead from which leaves all bad luck and bad feeling and the bodies of the dead so as in some strange Irish funeral of the late and distant island of Ran I walked out alone clutching only the page of the book I was handed while standing over the hole and the echo of everything still rang in my ears ("Father Son and Holy Ghost be with us now leaving as well as entering for this is the void of all doom this center of wild emotions we pray") and the monks still sang as the prayers went on the Isle of Innisfree the monks of Iona the wild crazed women of Loch Miamora.


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