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Friday, October 21, 2005


36. THE CRYING FOR A VISION TEA PARLOR - (Also known as 'Tuku's' to those in the know):

"The largest of the Great Lakes is probably smaller than the smallest of the great oceans yet in some regard they are both the same just as the Great Wall of China is very breakable and a bull in that wall of China would probably do some damage but for that to happen we’d have to see it for what is there to hear if there is no one there to hear it and that sound of silence I would bet is very relaxed but even more importantly remember this: ‘limitation is a creation of the mind’ and once you get that understood so much else flows from it for restrictions are merely middle men to satisfaction and a dream but then again I’ve probably already said too much and will say no more" the guy saying all that was known as Chaghad Tuku Amar Iyoti and he kept a sort of tea parlor along 11th street near the double parking garage which once was a carriage barn and a stable and now shared space with some fifteen guys with pretzel carts and their inventories of pretzels and sodas and the occasional hot dog and mustard overflow and each morning and other times of the day too they’d wrestle between cars coming and going to fill their carts with water and load the propane for the hot water and boil hot dogs and heat pretzels and everything else that goes with it and they’d be off on foot for points assorted around 14th Street for the day and night and in this way some money was turned about as much money as were the ideas turned in Tuku’s tea place next door and even though it did have a real name ‘Crying For a Vision Tea Parlor’ it was called no one called it that and it was known instead simply as ‘Tuku’s for whatever and he made some money by donations and twenty-cent tea I suppose but nobody cared for he was more known as the wise man of the area who would just hang there and dispense ideas tidbits advice whatever and even if any of it was no good nobody knew the difference or cared EXCEPT the times when big-deal types from uptown would come by or the camera-crew types for CBS Sunday Morning which was a sort of catch-all morning show of oddities and stupidities and they came by once to record Tuku and film the place but it never really captured what was there even though they did air it and wax poetic about it and it brought down the obligatory silly nitwits who followed things like the CBS show to get their ideas and advice and it was a real mess but he made some money and he started babbling things then too like ‘when we try to quiet the mind we end up doing the opposite’ and then of course his famed soliloquy on relaxation or something which went like this (still always amazing to hear) "relaxing the mind is this: Just Relax! Not in order to overcome anything - RELAX period! And this does not require effort for on the contrary it is effortless and by it everything else will follow nicely and beautifully and ask yourself if you are relaxed if you have peace for if you are still struggling that is proof that you have not found peace but you may wish for peace and hope for peace and you may be trying for it but the very fact that you are trying is contrary to peace and I would humbly say that there is no need to try and you should ‘Give it Up!’ and it is because you have been trying to have peace that you are not getting peace and I would humbly say to you that there is NO NEED to try ‘GIVE IT UP!’ for it is because you have been trying to have peace that you are not getting peace and if you would just give it up and let go it will come for Wisdom is not a thing of learning and it springs forth or awakens within us and it is a kind of light and you cannot teach light you cannot teach love you cannot teach peace joy or freedom for these awaken within us only if and as we create the right conditions so LET GO and relax - not in order to overcome something else for if you have that thought even subconsciously you are perpetuating it so DO NOT try to win over your enemy but instead love that enemy for there is a vast difference between the two – one is a mental exercise and the other is clearing and all that springs from the Light is automatic while all that springs from darkness involves efforts and trying…" and this all went on but at one point right here the cameraman is heard in the background to exclaim how he’d thought that Tuku had just said instead of ‘vast difference’ vas deferens (‘there is a vas deferens between the two’) and it caused Tuku to break out in uncontrollable laughter and smiling and as he bobbed his head he exclaimed something like "Yes! YES! that is it indeed SUCH is the key a great humor and happiness a certain LIGHTNESS to all creation! YOU HAVE SOLVED IT!! and he ran off laughing and only later did someone look it up for not everyone knew immediately what had transpired and the definition of vas deferens turned out to be…well you go look it up yourself for CBS never aired that part.


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