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Monday, March 27, 2006


68. THE ROSE AND THE BLOOM - (Outside the Gates of Eden):

Not too far away the rose and the bloom seemed to be coming together and the smaller crowd although still active was far more relaxed as Pinkerton and I slowly walked along the tree-lined street of old – the old Washington Square of Henry James and Mark Twain and all the other personages who may have once walked these paths now filled with colorful people and the stretch of awed faces reacting to something anything and probably because of that I simply started talking : "what does it mean anyway that people are in a rush to verbalize and spill and spout about things anything in which they decide momentarily that they are experts enough for themselves that they can become expert enough for any other person to listen when all the while really the only issue around them is power and nothing else and the one or the many who have the power basically rules the day while the others ‘rue’ the day but anyway it all comes out equal when you start yelling and screaming but what can you deploy if you can’t deploy your opinion and attitude inasmuch as you have nothing else to regard or to be seen with so to me it all eventually works out and what is the truth anyway but some mad jumble of definitions and issues all of which are self-created you see there’s nothing scientific or even pseudo-scientific about it about any of it it’s all the same crap as people of old sailing the oceans to escape hardship only to end up with worse hardship in a complete other place and the great gruesome wheel of anything keeps turning over upon itself wheeling and wheeling over and taking on anyone in its path - it’s always a hugely different cast on the same old stage – and I get tired of talking and tired of listening as all this goes on in fact I consider the earliest cave-man to have been probably more focused and pointed in his thinking than any one of these jerks are or ever can be and put all together they’re nothing else than one huge distracted distraction and life as we knew it before is over – shot to Hell and gone – because of the distraction of the modern day just as it was in any olden day except for the color and the movement and wasn’t it Ecclesiastes who said ‘there’s nothing new under the sun’ and if maybe that was to be said nowadays it would most certainly need a question mark because in our postmodern terms of thinking NOTHING is definite and we are allowed to doubt and criticize to postulate and to question absolutely ANYTHING (and the more it sells the better) ‘NOTHING new under the sun?’ really I say really but if WAR is found to sell then WAR it shall be and if instead PEACE is suddenly found to sell then PEACE it will be and (if you may want to remember again) EDEN had no gates ! it simply let any old bastard in or out at will and THE KEY was that there were far fewer bastards back then but the ones who were most definitely took sides."


At 5:01 AM, Blogger consise10 said...

The idea that nothing is new,that we all live and breathe a similar miserable existance,the bitterness of war as a commodity,as a business
is enough to make any one as sarcastic and pessimistic as this post presents.

Loved reading it Gary :-)


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