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Tuesday, July 04, 2006



You are in (I am in) some kind of other land which stands nowhere - incomplete and between things and it affords you only one choice (which is 'one' being NO choice at all) and that is to stay low remain invisible (as much as possible) and with some stealth go between things until all this passes (if that sounds mysterious WELL then it is) : let me begin here by saying any number of things which are on my mind : I have posted a dream or two by turning each into a more-normal language than that of dream-language so as to make it recognizable and just as naturally now Summer has arisen and already moved on and the lights in the daybreak sky are moving swiftly towards something anything else and anyway a 'Dream' is not made of words but some short form of fleeting picture and it's all in the attempt of regaling that passing picture with words that we go wrong for there really ARE certain things to be sure that cannot be written or committed to memory or re-created no matter how much we try and for all its difficulty nothing more comes and once we've exhausted that idea everything else too stops - we find ourselves tired frozen dead or maimed and worthy of nothing except bad maintenance by the Devil itself and if there really ever IS something anything pursuing us (you OR me) it is some form of unfinished and incomplete emanation of another realm just beyond recognition and awakening - something we maybe know by outline or shadow and by mimicry or imitation but are never really completely SURE of having seen or met with or caught up to OR EVEN RECOGNIZED for that matter (it is the non-recognition which eventually gets to us the most) and these misses are referred to as 'bad timing' or 'bad luck' or 'missed opportunities' or whatever other word-concoction is ascribed to a loss or a miss or something we did not do and tried instead to cover over by some technological fix or stopgap measure or some other stumbling means of cover-up and distortion ALL so as to hide the truth and shield us from the truth.


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