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Sunday, October 29, 2006



I am emboldened to write of something over and over again something fallen or brokered by Satan or Stan whichever you’d choose no matter no differential to me or any other lefty lanky centerfield hunk in yon bleachers (whisper whisper: ‘take me out to the ballgame take me out to the crowd’) for as I think of things I think of you and the falling of you and the hammer of you and the stealth bomber necklace of laughter of you the dark KNIGHT of the soul of you amazing Grace herself and we are falling falling ever onward and BULLETIN: ‘you can do three things at once you are doing them already and 1000 eyes turning blue will witness what I say HERE HERE on the banks of the Pola Negri River itself' (now silent as a group the actors prepare their first decline) - we watch the sky ahead of us and realize with grave intent 1. we are spinning in air 2. we are orbiting in great space upon that spinning globe and 3. we are AS ONE all together falling headlong through space and in this single vast great harmony we make our real and tortured world conform RELATIVITY it is and all that it is too but (whisper whisper: ‘listen this is Princeton this is Library Place where the great one lived and it is his theory we’ve consumed’) but so what no matter what the crossing guard said the thief said the truck driver said even the terribly bent old man sitting idly on a bench ‘rrridden the newsapaper son for whetiver it may bring ta me’ and no one followed but thought : ‘damned old rummy may he go to his hell as sober as me.’


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