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Sunday, September 24, 2006



You may have no market value you may mean nothing to anyone else BUT TO YOU it is all that matters - all your terms and conditions are nothing to the great ONE within you still and fighting hard so as not to be buried and if you can just live your life and experience all that comes your way SO MUCH CAN BE DIFFERENT : ride that train and wonder and observe everything passing by and watch what alters see what changes and how it goes and let it pass by you watching while you surmise meanings and images and the renderings of time and energy and all its make-up of site and place and the tall buildings which rise and fall will call your name running and the sunlight will cleanse and the rainwater will drench and the words will echo over block and brick and glass and steel and the elongated smokes of moment and time will rise and twist and swirl across the waters while you watch the river bend and whirl and the ferries atop the waves and within the waves and through the waves will swaddle dream and expectation but whatever comes will come to be that which was coming and NO MORE IS ASKED OF ANY MAN ! do you see?
[β€˜And leaning in together we each beheld so much and understood much more - in some vague shading of light and object where everything – it seemed – melded together.’]


At 5:48 PM, Blogger Susan Grandys said...

This one makes me wonder. Is it enough to just watch and be an observer? Why can't that be enough?

I intellectually believe that life is really about just experiencing it. But I have the darndest time living it and enjoying the experience. Sigh. Maybe my life is about learning to enjoy it...


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