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Sunday, December 10, 2006



If this is a dream I don't want to sleep and He maketh me lie down in still waters too but I turn my head and say back 'what kind of God is this IF IT IS that it needs the praise and the thanks of a pitiful OR an almighty mankind in order to reach its own satisfaction?' but nothing comes back except bland thunder and effortless words : 'I keep my heart in my own pants pocket' or the enfeebled cries of millions still yelping about their deaths and ALL of the Crimea writhes in anguish and a taxi driver steps out at the curb and drops down a valise of some sort which he'd carried out of the back seat as I watched and from across the other side of the cab comes an enormous fat man who grunts 'thank you' and hands him a few dollars as they pass and I hear the radio voice within the taxi saying loudly something about '96th and First - new fare passage to JFK' and the guy is off that quickly with the message still warbling and I get an image completely made up - having never made use of an airport yet - that shows me rows of yellow cabs and unmarked cars awaiting fares while people yell out names - often mistaken names - to whomever can hear and at once they all rush off to enter the cabs and the resultant pandemonium is only broken by the cackle and the babble of names and messages and destinations yelled out YET I'm sure that's not what it's really like because even in the midst of chaos there's always an order which takes over - no matter how artificial that order is - and that order is the basic premise of LIFE as we live it and there are specialties in every aspect of order PEOPLE who precisely step in and take over the parameters of their specialty which is I guess essentially why everything works or seems to 'work' in that amazingly small and deliberate way which society has about itself - efforts and proportions to make trains run and highways flow and planes and taxis go to and fro and waterways remain unclogged and systems and bureaucracies go about their meager work unknowingly silent and whether efficient or not getting a semblance of work done or enough of that work to keep people happy and that is how revolutions are staved off and systems made to flourish and flourish they do in spite of themselves too and the whole wide world with its servitude and false creeds just runs on as a mess of conflicting dogmas and all the incidentals of them - drawing men's allegiances and men's fears and wants and needs all the while world-spinning stars-shining the awesome cry of everything at once takes place and thrives and withers in time - that which we know and enforce and come to harbor anyway.


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