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Friday, February 16, 2007



What are we left with ? you want to ask ? not much - donuts and coffee a few interesting details a lot of stories from the old days some photographs of this or that and a hundred story lines to go with them but the audience is now disinterested and anyway too dumb to get most of the connections and too dull to get the joke and all those who worry now worry about everything full time all the time - what they eat how they shit what they can't do what they should do and how to do it how the world is faring where the cold is where the hot is how the seals and butterflies are faring how the jungle sustains itself where the pygmies are how the waters are what smokes are blowing how loudly the noise who said what and to whom and where and why how and most importantly what they can get and who's to blame for what they didn't haven't or can't get and that's the kind of poppycock bullshit fuckass world we live in now - one VAST agglomeration of smoke cum piss fire and blood running over everything right up to neck-high and filling the remainder of everything else with lies deceit and fabrication all for the benefit of MAMMON great gag-God of nothing hollow echo man image of conceit and anger and hate the frizzied frenzy Nobodaddy of universal harm - walk away walk away walk away you must.


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