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Friday, February 09, 2007



Suddenly there is no validation and your God is a weak God who sends a message down and says : 'Humankind this humankind is a failed experiment over which we have lost control and as a virus that has run amuck they are now amassed and out of control and beyond any wrenching pull of the Gods or of Myself and this loss of control impels Me to great and immense efforts at sadness and sorrow as only befits a 'God' but I can do nothing and have lost control as this bad seed spreads and ravages and distorts and enables everything bad to spread and for this mad race there is no longer any validation as they have been disowned YET We still must make a decision - and we watch for what we can - a decision about what to do and how to do it : fire blight destruction disease starvation war plague or a simple mass destruction by geography and the element of the cosmos BUT we do NOT yet know what course we shall take and at our edges we reserve the COLD and/or the HOT as two choices open and possible - for this earth species of all types and natures is crazed mad defective and out of control and simply something must and will be done yet for now we have simply abandoned this maddening and failed experiment and given it over to Evil itself' and such were the words of God imparted and now listen at your own pace consider the alternatives and make your choice - deliberate and careful oh Mankind - for you shall surely rue your mistakes as you make them.


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