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Saturday, December 30, 2006



And someone one day said "I can't make any sense anymore out of what I'm doing" and I replied "why should you ? or have you ever?" and five days later that guy was dead - leaving in his wake a hundred questions I should have asked him back and we all moped around for a few days while people tried figuring what went wrong and when someone finally did show up for him and had a wake and stuff we each went - singly but as a group - and mutely managed a procession through the very dour funeral room and that was the end of it - I suppose eventually there was a church service or something but I never even really found out where they took him or where he ended up - it may have been far away for all I know Ohio or something because all he was really was a temporary presence here and in my life one of those determined students who come forth from some other place in order to earnestly follow 'art' instruction and to fashion his or her given talent into directions they want but in this case it all turned out wrong and he ended up with no direction except home or wherever and I was sorry about that for a while but one thing about the big city is that you don't much notice these things when people come and go in fact I noticed and still do to this day more about inanimate things than I do about people and for a point of fact in these days I'm talking about there was always a really beat looking and sad old Hudson Hornet parked at the curb right in front of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church and like Fifth Ave. and Tenth Street every day and it never seemed to move but was never ticketed either and it was a big fat low Hornet with old black paint going bad and the impressive Hudson Hornet logo on the side and I watched that car every day for all the time I passed it and I wondered too about its being and purpose and why it was there and who owned it and how they kept it and all the rest - probably actually the sorts of things I should have been asking myself about this Campbell guy who killed himself but it didn't much matter because (in this 'long' run now) both him and that car are long-time gone away and nothing I could do about either - or anyway that's how I felt - and I probably did actually care more about the car than I did about him (sorry to say).


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