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Saturday, March 08, 2008



And anyway what am I to lose ? the whole world is running down pop culture has reduced everyone to the status of pygmies morons and zombies too and noise is ever-present and no one has any sense so it's all like popcorn in a blender as I see it - useless noise a battered pulp of nothingness and some more unessential fine-tuning of pablum and shit all mixed together as I roll down my window and spit at the passing parade : dirigibles in the sky fat and bulbous floating around hanging over sports shows and cheerleader squads and bi-planes along the coast trailing fatuous signs for people who don't read and along the sandy walkways edging the beach gigantic black people horn and holler in on everything while low-life vandals from the renters' districts spray-paint their mad messages on every doorway and signpost they can find : what bows down to that ? the police and the goon-squad the priests and the geeks : worship where you will because even Paradise leaks and Father Mulcahy (yes that's who it was) raises his hat and blesses the sea.


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