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Saturday, May 17, 2008


215. 'WE TRULY HAVE BEEN TAKEN OVER - BUT BEFORE THAT WE WERE NOTHING' (another view of the present day):

It's hard to write about place or it's made difficult at least by the preference people have for facts and figures when in essence the stronger factors of 'place' per se have nothing to do with that - I can recall grade school textbooks that would completely misread the 'places' they'd purport to be describing by accounting for instead 'Utah's copper output and bushels of wheat per field harvested' and then go on about the places resources animal husbandry farm acreage river drainages and inland port facilities soil makeup and substrata rock and such - reported in the usual dour fashion of fact-checkers on a most-routine excursion yet at the same time completely overlooking substantial elements of another level of reality the 'spiritual weather' if you will - its place in the scheme of thought and presence and all the many-layered parts of intangible creation which existed therein - and I always felt that this ignoring of things and this preferred mis-reading of reality had to do with the ideas and effects of propaganda and capture more than anything else - who is it that would want to face off the deaths and tragedies of the first inhabitants and the creative splendor of the pre-existing 'place' which was there before the tangible and countable effects of a mere business-like production of reality was constructed over the greater web of cosmic and spiritual and less-consequentially evident presences ? who but the victors of course - and all that realm has long ago been taken over (and HAD to be) by the 'control' factors of nation-building' which went into the destruction of the location it served - much as the old Vietnam adage of 'we had to destroy that village in order to save it' creed went : it's all stupid and false speculation based upon a world which doesn't really exist (business and facts and counting) but which drops its overlay upon everything and then changes the reality we experience (roads houses stores business parking lots cities villages and all the river-rerouting which is endemic for needs of power and control both electrical and political) [see TVA see any Chinese Yellow River Yangtze Gorge dam of the present day] - so and as such my conclusion always was and still is but the reason this is overlooked and ignored is because the people who do this stuff have no real inkling it exists - they are estranged from the aspectral spirituality of existence which brings this forth even though they would assert I'm sure their church-going and community-centered activities of benevolence and religion over and again : their worldview is broken and their fields have no output as their rivers have run dry and their mines are all played out : and I'm using only this one ploy of place to make the point that most of life has now grown inauthentic to the degree that it bears no longer any relation or connection to the vital centers of what go into things and instead we have reduced everything to a rote ceremony of citizen-know-nothingism and purely vocational education which addresses nothing except perhaps a certain level of social-comportment in which all people can get by and thus promote the function of the fealty which the 'nation-state' demands during its transference of pure reality to ersatz presence and activity alone - Perth Amboy for instance as I see it is dead and in its place has been erected a tax-dodging cheat of a city-square called deadsville and filled with the dead - and the same goes for every Cleveland New Brunswick Albuquerque and Camden which exist - the only 'vitality' left in place is the governmental vitality which comes in with its washes of money generated erroneously by tax-steals and then that is laid down into the greedy hands of the manipulators who erect their plazas and squares and civic monstrosities which strip and are bereft of any life from whatever once-living fabric there may have been but to then make it worse they 'historicize' everything they'd just destroyed so that walkways and planters are then bedecked with the markers signs and photos of the nether-world that once there was : a complete fantasy itself cleansed and re-directed into only the advancement of the state which stands sentinel over it all with its police forces and halls of record and courthouses jails city halls tax bureaus hospitals and enforced school-systems all being run by the lineage of the founding-bloods whose arch potential underlays all these things - the ancient bloodline per se of the alien kings and blue-blood travelers all still in place beneath their myriad disguises (pledge allegiance to that at your peril!) - I once lived in Chinatown not far from NY's City Hall and the old Hall of Records and I witnessed often enough the comings and goings of the black cars at night which arrived under covers of darkness and storm and from which alighted various versions of the ancients - the bent and stern old men carrying forth the blood-lineage of their secret transformations under halls and beneath buildings marked with the lamps and significations of their own fey mysticisms and the layers of the ruling ethos of houses-of-bloods from far far away and all these shape-shifting mysterions were at work endlessly out-of-time forming and altering the 'civic' forms of the suppositions which underlay the ritual experience of metropolitan living - I can say to you truly 'we have been taken ever' but at the same time 'before that we were nothing'.


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