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Wednesday, March 12, 2008



Brevity was a container which held my own life and even with its occasional leaks and spills it managed to hold enough material to keep me busy and the briefness part of it I never got even in the hopes that I'd never reach that end so as to find out to any satisfaction that it really was brief or not : no semblance of anything but doubt there : and I was able mentally to compose various chapters of it into segments recognizable as chapters maybe or areas of experience or parts of things related (and I always found that a stunning title for something 'Parts of Things Related') but no matter towards any of that as things ran through my head constantly and experiencing life and reality in an instantaneous fashion demands attention but that attention is of course made far more difficult by the selfsame attendance to the detail of words and story going along with everything else so like a man living two lives I acted and I watched together at the same time and reading philosophy I was able to find connected strings of ideas which brought into focus this idea of DUALITY which had been discovered first by me - a true and authentic discovery - and then only later found to have been an entire area of philosophic expertise which had anyway been going on for thousands of years the DUALITY of what we experience and what we live the witnessing and the doing together at the same moment the presence of self and consciousness reflecting while it is doing the stark adherance to principal and advantage at the same moment the coloring of reality by the psycholgical underpinning which hovers BENEATH (paradox there) reality and words - I found that all to be of the moment and again the more I delved of course the fainter it got - the dual nature of all things the reflexive nature of every thing the false reality reflected in the deeper sense of twin manifestation the opposites of Unity in the graceful glide of 'G-d' as it was put in Quaranic and Hebrew verse and the DUALITY of all we experience - (in the sense of self-knowledge which goes by the knowing that 'I am present here doing THIS but I am not fully here until I am NOT doing this' and the self-recognition which comes from both sides of the equation is then my present moment - which has no real values because it has ALL (both) values - of being and non-being) and I supposed to myself too that the essential idea of all this was to be able to realize that a part of me was present in both worlds in TWO places and more but only my being aware of itself watching and being watched too and Reality by that becomes but the active scrim onto which so much illusion is projected out of which (from which) one part of us selects the story and another part the place or both or one or none and NOTHING is the same anywhere.


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