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Friday, October 10, 2008

THE SQUARE ROOT OF OLAF PALME (mainly a fantasy)

243. THE SQUARE ROOT OF OLAF PALME (mainly a fantasy):

It was never about anything really and if I had to tell you you wouldn't get it anyway : (piece-post pell mell snackinfoo and the reddle from quark o'mania province) : when I'm in a roomful of people I'm an instantly dangerous man looking around for the one with the gold and seeking to find the girl from Mysteria Weems Ohio the old rubber town : 'we make nothing anymore' the old-timer says 'this fucking country's so far down the tubes they can't even flush it away...and when I was a boy...' someone else cuts him off 'shut up you old bag of shit ! I'm sick of hearing you!' and the guy walks off with the handle to the counterpunch cabinet that held the weekly list : so we had nothing more to do and were able to just sit there - of course some jerk soon brought out a deck of cards (I fucking HATE people who play cards) although I never minded them before the first but no matter because whenever they park their cars they right away start talking about their daughters 'I'd never let her go out with THAT slimeball - fer' Chris'sakes he THINKS with his dick I've heard it said' and then the door opens and in comes Sant'Erge the minister's kid and he quickly says 'over here ! my father's dying of the flu!' and I ask 'well can't he freaking pray for something new?' meaning what the hell - he's the minister not me - but the kid didn't get my meaning and started screaming instead - yelling about his mother being dead already and he'd be an orphan so I slapped him to shut him down and I said 'man shut it ! you're only talking 'bout the flu' and he said yeah but he'd read somewhere that in like 1918 it had killed lots of people real quickly and I said 'yes but that was long ago - now the lines are shorter and news travels quicker' and that shut him up so he went away - but anyway when I really did check I found out that the flu among all those 1918 people was in reality (medical science now says) an endemic reaction by a sort of mass-hallucination to the myopic crazed psychic fear and displacement caused by WWI amongst an American populace un-used to anything like that before and although this all may SOUND weird it is really true and documented and a reputable point of medical view (see Harvard see the CDC in Atlanta - see whomever you'd like to see but DON'T see me) - then the fire-bell tolled and the harbor-wharf was wiped clean with some sort of Windex slime rolled over by wheels and a couple hundred fish swam up and began licking the wood with their crazy fish tongues and then they all rolled over and got washed out to the harbor again with the next splash-wave of wake and wind together (something I'd not ever seen before) and the beautiful girl on the trundle-bed nearby was playing Hoagy Carmichal on an old Victrola and it all sounded so nice I wondered how but I didn't say a word instead : watching cartoon characters take naps and watching Lindy Boggs (I think it was) eating cereal on the rim of the edge by the two window panes at the shaftway - she ate like a pig but kept it all clean : and then I remembered that dead Mayor of Princeton - the woman with one eye - and I thought maybe that was her name too but really couldn't remember and promised myself to go look it up next chance I had (got a map of the graveyard and know right where she is) and then I saw the mutant go by (he was 'lazy good-looking and aristocratic' as my mother used to say) but there was nothing but marbles in that cheesecake and I knew it too - he was brutish and in reality as short as they come with an even shorter attention span (and my sister used to say 'something shorter than that too') so let's just say 'GENIUS HE WASN'T' and leave it at that : heroes in my life come and go - Glenn Gould or Dicky Betts it hardly matters - and I could talk to anyone if they would just hold still - long enough for a riddle long enough to fish long enough to whittle long enough to piss - but whether or not it makes any sense never matters and is never brought up and this is the age of wonders but I wonder if anything will last and that does it for me - evergreen trees are drying up dead - climates which change take old trees away and the world heaves and moves in mysterious ways - but never mind that anyway and truck farms grow no trucks so don't go looking just ask anyone who knows because those kinds of people just love to show off and tell everyone what they know BUT AS FOR ME I've taken forever a vow of shady silence and a nodding acquaintance with it all - so I won't even point : in Germany they train bears and in ancient Greece an idiot meant someone who did not take part in public life : now of course it means just the opposite and how's that for banana-cake?


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