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Sunday, September 04, 2005



I’m sitting around reading Genesis like it was a pinball wallet and stumbling over words I’ve seen a thousand times and nothing comes to the fore making any sense but I hear the voices of stronger men than I am and I realize (along with that) I really cannot see it’s only a thought it’s all a premise everything’s illusion - even the liquid world we think we see - and arriving at that point I know that outside of me there are people crowding everywhere and voices crossing over one another in a bad equilibrium of justice and assumption and the nature of the very beast itself is to gloss over truth and falsehood BOTH TOGETHER - for there are really no diagrams there to which we can turn – and kids are running backwards for candy and soda while their parents make eyes at the moon and each other and I’m finding myself (once more alienated alone aggravated atrocious and angry) at one weird level where the highway pilots whiz by with dollars floating before them and (“OK OK it IS the modern world”) and the collected works of everyone are sold by the pound – for if you can do nothing wrong you can do no good – and wagers placed at windows of solace never come due and ALL BETS ARE OFF as the end of this labored world approaches so soon and (“Hey! Charley! you left your napkin behind!) and the words of the long lost explorers are just now found in the Central Park caves and all they translate as is ‘Misunderstanding and all the cars are violet’ and of course no one of the modern era can figure that out so two guys in glass jump from the roof of the glass-tomb of Dendur and they shatter on the icy ground below but high in the sky above us runs the spacecraft crying and lowering itself down with twisted arcs askew it roars out a warning ‘ALL BETS ARE DUE!’ and with that the whole world screams.


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