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Monday, December 26, 2005



If I ever did have to testify I'd probably come up with some really stupid things to say - like the time long long ago when the stupid guy asked me something at the draft board in a mental examination they decided to give me what I would do if someone taught me how to shoot a firearm and I said "I'd turn it on the persons who taught me how to use it" and they dropped me like a hot potato although I never did understand why because if you think about it that's the kind of dolt they're seemingly looking for - automated moron killer machine but then whatever they wanted I never understood anyway and the army of any nation never made any sense to me except that they never probably actually WANT anyone who would admit to the game - regimentation in the service of death and following orders in order to defend 'Freedom' (what a concept) while in a situation of complete servitude and slavery to a regimented and structured machine-politic rigidly enforcing death and punishment as a tactic which is all the opposite of Freedom I'm sure - go figure that one out for it certainly beats my ass and besides if they weren't so guilty over it why would they offer for the rest of one's life the veteran with complete medical benefits and pension money and preferred discounts and all that other enticing which goes into the career-soldier ethos like living LIFE so as to bring DEATH to others and they used to say 'better dead than red' but as it turns out they're all a bunch of 'REDS' now themselves - fuck 'em all I say and if the judge did ever start entertaining me with questions of indererminate nature I'd sure as hell have a real go of it bringing some strange new structure to his or her forlorn and fucked-over life because living 'by the rule of law' is no living at all I'd say - red yellow green or cotton for that matter ASK ANY SLAVE YOU KNOW and see what they say.
In response the Judge said : "a simple statistic / numbers don't lie / you are what you are / WHY even try?"


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