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Friday, November 18, 2005



Just taking a breather here, after 43 posts, to give an overview of the situation. I've been posting here for these three first months and am thoroughly enjoying the experience. I've met a few people in this way (by corresponding) of reading and exchanging messages and spots. It's great. I've had numerous questions and comments about 1. Style 2. Content 3. Philosophy. Everyone seems to be receptive to what I'm doing - though there's a lot of silence too. The reads are dense, difficult and heavy - as is said. Yet, if one carefully stays with them, reads slowly and affords the 'reading' voice its own breaks and pacing, it all works out quite well.
In addition now, I've added three other spots (accessible by clicking 'Profile' and scrolling down to contents listings) - a lighter, easier-to-read and more newsy log of occasional comments on life and activity; a photo-blog of interesting views and places; and an extremely interesting (and I'm told 'shocking') interview - actually broadcast (podcast) in Minnesota and garnering responses from the entire audience, (college-bound and not). It's a charmer, I think, and done very well by both the host and the voice of the show. Any of these other sites are accessible to you - just click on.
Anyway, I intend to continue in the same vein, but just wanted here to say how its was going and how I'd set things up...and to give a thanks to each of those who've responded and/or with whom I've corresponded. To me, it's a great joy and an interesting pleasure. I hope for more and extend the same invitation to anyone else. Write me, leave comments, whatever. For now, - 'so long'.


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