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Tuesday, December 13, 2005



A. No More Is Asked of Any Man -
You may have no market value you may mean nothing to anyone else BUT TO YOU it is all that matters - all your terms and conditions are nothing to the great ONE within you still and fighting hard so as not to be buried and if you can just live your life and experience all that comes your way SO MUCH CAN BE DIFFERENT : ride that train and wonder and observe everything passing by and watch what alters see what changes and how it goes and let it pass by you watching while you surmise meanings and images and the renderings of time and energy and all its make-up of site and place and the tall buildings which rise and fall will call your name running and the sunlight will cleanse and the rainwater will drench and the words will echo over block and brick and glass and steel and the elongated smokes of moment and time will rise and twist and swirl across the waters while you watch the river bend and whirl and the ferries atop the waves and within the waves and through the waves will swaddle dream and expectation but whatever comes will come to be that which was coming and NO MORE IS ASKED OF ANY MAN ! do you see? - [‘And leaning in together we each beheld so much and understood much more in some vague shading of light and object where everything – it seemed – melded together.’]

B. What Conniver Was This? -

We are falling spinning twirling expanding rotating turning racing out all at the same time - we are growing within the within we are one spot doing all of this in a myriad of spots all soundless and swift constant and steady unceasing and without fail AND each going about its work without thought just evolving momentarily into time into a time and place which just appears to be and all this swirling meandering falling and speeding gas and fire and light and object produces its own effluence and the gravities of force and speed bend the outer into the inner and make the inners writhe to the outers in great swirling spirals and eddies of light and shape and form and gaseous throws of design and motion and that idea of momentary movement is appreciated by eternity and everything together breaks for nothing but grows to decay and from the decay grows again into its own absence its own negation and its oneness grows dual and works anew to form another and somewhere within what we inhabit we MAY ONLY glimpse that which we think we see or that which we only surmise the evidences of and in that darkened light of blindness at our core we move forward to produce from energies and winds those worlds we wish to have and hold and inhabit and ALL THE SAME ALL DIFFERENT FOR EACH we swarm like light ourselves like distant matter converging and our ‘SYSTEM’ we call a solar system based on this light and growth and energy but unrecognizable as it is we name it and claim to recognize it anyway and within it move about and our solar system becomes our galaxy becomes one cosmos fraught with constants and erratics and other things we decode wrongly or wrongly decode into something other than what is into which that which is then transforms itself into a confirmation of our assumption - by which we go on and on and on unceasing and all that is ruling that picture is moment and the error of the moment which changes constantly and in that change reinterprets all around it which in turn over OUR time evolves our ethos of place and habit and by such magic of turning we grow societies and their stories and the tales of history and mirth and murder and sorrow and huge lines of wars and famines and subjective alterations each connected with stories and myths of their own and in so singing the ONE VOICE of us all goes on until the net comes in and that goes on and we talk and die and talk and reappear and suddenly symbols and objects and worries and things pop up anew and begin another turn and the great swirling which inhabits us is the eternal swirling which inhabits nothing and which IS us and which we attach labels and meanings to and over time everything that changes comes back to itself again HOMO HABILES HOMO FABER handy man man the maker the one with the tools the shaper of rock the walker of earth the silent fellow who moves the loud fellow who demands change the sad one who retreats and the one who says : ‘all and every object Michael has harbor in the shed of this world’.


At 4:05 PM, Blogger consise10 said...

This one made complete sense to me.Thankyou for posting it! You are a quite gifted writer Gary.

At 8:08 PM, Blogger Susan Grandys said...

I like A.-No More Is Asked Of Any Man - quite a lot. It hit something inside of me. Thanks!

At 8:54 AM, Blogger Tenderheart said...

Great words of wisdom, Gary. Thanks for the reminder.

At 6:18 PM, Blogger gary j. introne said...

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At 6:21 PM, Blogger gary j. introne said...

To each of you who commented - thanks for the notes and observations. I'm taken by the response to, essentially, a simple message of clarity and humility about things. Sometimes, once that old fishing line is thrown out there, even I don't know what's about to be reeled in. I'm glad there was a shared message and even a moral.

Keep reading. Ride the trains. Watch the tugboats and ferries. No more is asked of any 'Man'.
(That's 'personhood' for those in the know).

At 4:52 AM, Blogger XiaoYuE said...

Hey dudez~! Thanx for the comments. As per request, my comment is here :p Everyone writes differently, but as I am not a blogger nor a writer, perhaps I can't do as great!~ Hee... All the best!~


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