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Sunday, July 30, 2006



And then just like that it was a zillion degrees it seemed forever and the table-tops were wilting and trees were falling and the streets were bubbling up houses melted and every room was like a furnace no matter where one went - even the 'air-conditioned nightmares' of every other story no longer held much sway - being seen by others as foul egregious and inefficiently wasteful of a scarcer than ever resource (to wit : money) and even though most people actually did remember a time when it was and seemed OK to waste resources and electricity it was now just too expensive for anyone to do and even the big stores and markets - wasteful as they were - were held accountable for squandering if they too did so : as in the past when they'd prop doors open and you'd feel the escaping cold air drape the sidewalk as if there was NO care in the world more pleasureable than pleasure but that was ALL OVER NOW and instead some choreographed strange nightmare of time and circumstance had taken over everything else - fear-mongering deceit and mis-representation too - so that the millions of moving parts needed to make up any scene within the world simply began breaking down and everyone was fraught with fear and anxiety and all they spoke of was pain and misgiving and no one wanted to move in conjunction with anyone else instead they each just wanted to go on their own way unbothered and unfettered by anyone else and that - being really the END of ideology - pretty much spelled disaster for the rest of the world as vanity egotism and brute strength became the powers of the day and took over and bombs began falling everywhere and disasters and terrors and killings invasions murders and suicides overcame everything else as churches in vain stayed put and then just closed their doors and every padre worth his salt took a lethal dose for the Lord and vagrants stole the gold and brass and every chalice in between and any treasure was smelted for cash with rubies and diamonds wherever they were found carted away and sold for loot and nightmare-littered trucks and barrels were hijacked from every lot NOTHING was sacred any more : girls fell down while crying in fear for sex and favor while the wildest geranium men took what they wanted from everyone MOTHERS and DAUGHTERS too ('Spring Adams was a 13-year-old sixth grader from Idaho who was impregnated by her father and on the morning she was to have an abortion he came into her room and shot her' they somehow managed to call it simply LOVE - blinding misguided LOVE - 'Becky Bell died of an illegal abortion because she was too ashamed to comply with Indiana's requirement that she notify her parents of her intent to end her pregnancy' LOVE - blinding misguided LOVE again - 'in 2004 there was the instance of the teenage girl in Michigan who so desperate to avoid telling her parents that she needed an abortion allowed her boyfriend to beat her belly with a baseball bat until she miscarried - she was six months pregnant') and so if everyone is an instrument of their solitary quest then NO ONE comes together to make a way for anyone else - no ethos no tradition no regard for being of another and the world is falling hard then in an agonizing spectacle of race - running towards an unloosed anarchy and totally bereft of grace and the people who built the built stopped caring of what they did and gardeners stopped gardening while teachers ceased to teach and caseworkers littered with files and forms were found hanging from lamp-posts along the streets and cars were left in jumbled heaps with no fuel to fuel them on and grocers went broke from no groceries sold and doctors gave prescriptions for nothing away : the old dead walked and the new dead died and everything else was quiet and solitary and missing and the world had become a deadly place : flying planes crashed upon the ground and spilled fuels turned to flames as the intensities of fires left cinders upon the ground - littered now with burned corpses and dead bodies.


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