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Friday, December 22, 2006



'Patient inquiry ? isn't that my own confusion between some stupid hospital-doctor-questioning thing and the idea of questioning everything else?' as if that hokum joke was intended to startle audiences into existential laughter paroxyms of despair wails of wailing and doubt the preening solipsism of too much attendance at some county fair of the mind where the only elixirs which sell well are concoctions like 'Grandpa's Age-Old Remedy For Tyrannical Sleeping-Sickness and the Lies of Ancient Dogs' as if it all was meant for something and THE CROWD LAUGHED like Nero at his own fire and it went like that for days and the table-seated clown the guest-of-honor finally limped on stage and showed everyone his scars but when he pulled up his shirt he pulled up his skin and all anyone saw were his ancient organs stuffed in a gut fatter than Manfred's weasel 'DINNER AT SEVEN' I heard the nun say - wizened old wrinkled face truly a Mother Theresa in the making and just like the ULTIMATE IRONY is in seeing on a gravestone letters that read 'a true survivor' after the person's name any obsession with the picayune can drive crowds and crowns too quite MAD ('NO MORE NUMBERS - THE LETTERS NEXT TIME') : there he sat as accuser judge and jury all in one box Russell Edson all strange loops and tangled hierarchies in the mix and match book of fabulous farewells. [Good-Bye!]


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