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Tuesday, September 06, 2005



The pestilence of yellow fever took over from Peking and the forty wailing women I saw were searching for a wall and IN THE END it all came down to nothing but circumference and the agreement of everyone else to agree to agreeing : and I thought that to be sort of like FAITH itself in all things and how the religious aspects of people otherwise deranged and crazy in their everyday life can be used to give a settled and calming effect to the stupidities they actually live (and of course by that measure too they transfer the craziness of their lives into their religions too – but as Sheriff Calloway said in ‘I’ll Have Another Baby’- ‘that’s another story altogether’).

“Those who think themselves possessed by the gods too often carry messages of rage and destruction rather than love and the gods of the nations have the souls of generals it seems and righteousness far too often wears the face of wrath.”

I have the suspicion that the further along you go the more alone you might become because the people behind get tired too and want to stop along the way and often they’re tempted to call their stopping point the truth – and maybe it in a way is anyway because the truth is just the way reality appears at any given time and the meaning of the moments which we live are all entangled amidst everyone else’s and there really isn’t any compartment for singularity or oneness although we tend to think there is but that’s all part of the crazed illusion we go about living - as is ALL of the society we construct - which is essentially a compendium of Evil and pranks of the Devil which (as I’d just been told) can be traceable to an infiltration of the human fabric by imposters in our guise overturning and influencing all that is done and the systems and logic and transactions by which all of that is done and MORE IMPORTANTLY they have polished it to such a swagger that the very ideas of desirability and fashionable attractiveness have taken over and deep in the reptilian aspects of the old human mind (upon which they prey and through which they do their work) these simple ideas have become more valuable than the presence of realizing the Evil taking place - and the earth is denuded and the world is fouled and any retribution can only be met with the nasty cold stares of ‘correct’ impressions of the mind-control in power…and for a moment I found myself ahead of myself and willing to fly (as I watched the red-faced vultures above me soar) and in each of my palms grew a little flame but it was the flame of righteousness and it burned me not and from each of my eyes there came the golden ray of grace and power which colored the aspects of everything I was seeing and the faceted exchange of all the worlds concurrent before switched each other and I saw all possibilities and all things at once as one and knew the world to be thereby an unending stream of self-created expressions and WE no matter what WE are at play amidst all of them together as at one time we insist and desist we travel; and remain we take part and we stay aloof - and all by that do we learn and experience the mixture and ‘lesson learning’ catches (once more) up with itself and the pounding hoofbeat of the ancient surf could still be heard right here by me now in places where no water has hit in thousands of years and even in these highlands I knew and sensed that once the sea was above and the firmament which grew only gradually pulled back for all which ONCE was and all things return to themselves but a consciousness of the return taking place and the fiery fevered power of all creation (which we aptly name GOD) is more correctly and in essence us and all that we undertake and GOD is among us as we are among GOD and that God is the source-self from which we emanate – free of space and time – into this reality and the focus personality we know as US focuses in this life but is also composed of other Aspects and parts of the source self that are latent within the psyche though alive in other realities and these form the basic structure of the psyche from which the focus personality emerges and these ‘Prime Aspects’ if composed to make a harmonious working relationship result in a well-balanced focus personality – one that is REASONABLY happy healthy and creative and all of these Aspects merge into Earth Aspects or earthly versions of the prime Aspects and they show their existence as our own characteristics and tendencies - the raw psychic materials from which we form the self we know and they act too as models and psychic patterns that can operate as indicators of progress or fulfillment and we also interpret their ‘MESSAGES’ through our current beliefs about ourselves and the world.


“Enough is as good as a feast / Possessions possess / Why grab possessions like thieves or divide them like socialists when you can ignore them like wise men? / You can never get enough of what you don’t need to make you happy / The things that are ours cannot be given away or taken away or lost – we break our hearts all of us trying to keep things that do not belong to us – and to which we have no right.”


So then sometime after that I heard the doves cooing over the kitchen pantry by the old back porch – a place I seldom went anymore (I thought to myself and wondered why) and that made me think of the old house we once owned out in the country where the bathroom (added later on I suppose after the outhouse was discontinued for use) was in the kitchen – a small room actually right next to the stove – and how certain visitors always used to be bothered by that or somehow found it not to their liking and were often put off by the idea or reality that the kitchen - place of food and cooking and eating - had to be adjacent like that to the bathroom - where the final results of all that cooking and food were later deposited - and its smells and sounds and all of that but to us who lived there it never made much of a difference because in the context of actually LIVING a life there no one really ever was IN the bathroom in conjunction with the times the KITCHEN was in use for kitchen or eating purposes and it just seemed to work out that way but to an outsider stumbling in I guess the mental overload of that conjunction set bells off in their heads and made for all sorts of unreasonable and squeamish complaints and this was a big kitchen mind you not a small cramped quarters and the distance involved – even if it was offensive – was a comfortable distance BUT it just goes to show you how REGARDLESS of reality the mind runs off with certain ideas and develops them all on its own - and alongside the ‘sound’ of the doves cooing (from what I imagine would have been called their ‘dovecote’) I also heard the stricter sound of crickets making that inimical cricket sound which somehow went together well with the darkness of the hot night and the heavy richness of everything which was around me right there - the old pear trees now ripe with their hanging fruit the bees which were in their turn attracted to the fruit and its rotting syrupy sweetness on the ground the intermittent sound of some midnight bird - everything in its own way complete and filled with a sense of its BEING and even I felt (for that moment) sublime and self-satisfied too feeling in my own words once quoted back to me from afar as if "I fell with the stars from the stars’ lofty perch" and knowing exactly by that what I meant (for it was whole it was entire it pervaded my being like all air and water).

For a web begun – God sends thread.


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