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Monday, September 26, 2005



"Having to say I've done nothing today doesn't make me happy - the clothes stink my socks stick to my feet and I'm tired of taking care of the little things : teeth nails face-washing and all the rest - IN FACT I'm bored with thinking about bored so I walk around looking at cars and people both of them to me about equal in stupidity and design and I like to look at faces as grills of cars and legs as wheels and the overall comportment of a person's walk and swagger as the extended design overlap of some tendentious car somewhere - all ridiculous lines and bulges and lights and chrome but CARS it seems never grow fat (if they are the're made that way) while people just load up and bulge to grossness and then they waddle around with stuff to stretch and cars on the other hand just roll over to the side of the road eventually and just DIE and get carted away while (again on the other hand) for people the whole atrocious arrival of death is a long and painful drawn-out affair with extra attention given to upkeep and elongation of useful time (but I never know WHY!) and just as it is so it goes and sometimes it's not even worth getting up in the morning until - JUST LIKE THAT - one day you don't."


At 5:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 5:22 PM, Blogger Green Glass Beads said...

Thanks for your note. As a non-fan of cars, I have decided that fat is definitely better than car.
And it´s funny you spend the day walking around staring at things cos that´s pretty much all I did. I will update my blog later if i am not too bored :)
But I will say that washing socks is a good idea in my opinion....but LONG DIE THE NAILS!


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