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Monday, September 12, 2005



Maybe it’s true too that everyone goes through quiet times and their reliquary of them - moments of great words grown high over the hulk of a dangling cathedral’s ruins still rooted in solid ground but falling away imperceptibly piece by piece in a slow wash of time - generations pass and all recognition fades - (well maybe) but eyes that were pearls or fishermen holding flowers - set pieces all - none of that can work in reverse and we can’t relive time which never happened and anyway who’d want to ? and if we did what would be the meaning - it couldn’t be put down to experience – certainly not – and the tedium of trying always outpaces the attainment of success and in the course of one lifetime there are a million things NOT to see as the eye – as keen as it may ever be – glosses over anything not in its scan and this passage this intermittent missing this omission can enfracture the time it is living through and complete itself only in impartial things - like the two girls on the park swings in the evening light – surreptitiously passing a joint back and forth between themselves yet far enough away from anything or anyone so as to be safely distant from any approbation (and I watch them – fifteen minutes later – dazed and wobbly make their way wondrously towards the slide where – in their new haze – they simply and slowly stare at their own actions in review until dark and they’re done) when nightfall covers them like gauze and if there is meaning to the bulk of our days it must be found out somehow – in whatever way we become comfortable with – before those very days end (otherwise - as that crazy man in the fisherman’s hat was heard to exclaim - ‘it’s all one step past tutti-frutti’) and then in some of the same amazement I watch that too as he walks up to a pretty girl who happened to stop (city streets and the like have their effect) and he loudly asks “how are you today!?” and she (with languor) glances his way to say in response “pretty good” at which - without missing so much as a beat - he says “well the first one I can vouch for but the second I’d like to be able to get back to you on!” and I thought to myself : God’s own comedian could be no funnier.


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