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Friday, September 09, 2005



We enter another place from the room alongside us - where the door has been propped open and held seemingly by invisible hands - and the voice echoing inside says 'you have brought yourself here - give no credit outside' - and in an instant (as slow and as long as anything else) every device known to man's imagining has been enlisted to expand the sense of place and time we are walking through - and I turn and say "I am glad you are here" but a voice echoes back "no - it is YOU who have just arrived" while outside some carriage goes by with great noise and a sign atop it which reads 'Maelstrom - no committments' but without understanding a thing I realize it is useless to read more than that as just outside my reach pass two troupes of clowns a beggar and a thief and I turn back and say "what sort of place is this?" and am told - in reply - "you will learn soon enough but for now just go on and - for one moment - stop!"


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